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Uza - Retail easy Management of you shop and business. A Cloud based POS that will maximize you profit

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App Features

Uza - Retail will maintain and monitor all activities at a Shop or Business. It comes with these features;

Sales records

Use the Uza - Retail App to keep records of sales at your Shop. All records are always availabe for the Shop owners and Managers

Maintain Orders and Invoices

Use the Uza - Retail App to generete Invoices and maintain Orders

Inventory records

Keep record of your shop Inventories and Products. The App will help you in Monitoring them and assist in making proper decision. Uza - Retail comes with BARCODE and QR CODE scaning capabilities that will make easy sells of Invetories and Management

Activities performed records

The app will assist you in keeping records of all activites performed at your Shop


Uza - Retail will give report of your sales daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and any customized perido. This will help you in making proper decision concerning your Business

Customers record

Uza - Retail will keep records of all your Customers with their contacts

Multiple Accounts

Create multiple Accounts for users that Supervise activities at your Shop. Can set role to each and as a Shop Owner/Manager, you can Monitor what they do

Is a modern cloud POS

Uza - Retail is a cloud based app meaning you as the Shop owner will be able to Monitor all activities at you shop remotely. With the app you get these benefits;

  • Get sales record any time from anywhere
  • Generate Orders and Invoices and share them with your Customers via WhatsApp and other Social Networks
  • Get Inventory records and their status in real time
  • Can add/remove, enable/disable shop Supervisors remotely
  • You can Alter prices of you Products remotely

We guarantee the safety of your data by 100% and will always acceess your shop from Desktop or Mobile App

Make right decision, choose Uza - Retail

The process of keeping business records has many challenges. It always difficult to do the task on manual basis

Many entrepreneurs have incured losses by not having accurate business information. Uza - Retail has come to you to help you make the right decision in your business

We guarantee, you will not blame yourself joining with thousands of customers who have already selected Uza - Retail for proper supervision of their businesses

Uza - Retail is made for your platform

Currently Uza - Retail is available for Android, iOS and Windows Desktop. Soon will have a web App for those not having those platforms. But we recommend using the Native Apps because;

  • They are more secured
  • Availabe for majority of users
  • The App is build to run natively on them

The app is secured, easy to use and they run fast. Our Servers guarantee an uptime of 99.99%